Interview: Lil Asian Thiccie

September 17, 2019

Booked and busy all hot girl summer, Lil Asian Thiccie has been riding the waves of success from her hit single, “Get Munni”, featuring local rap it-girl, Zamaera. It’s been less than a year since she released her first song (and smash), “Haio Nene”, but the rapper has already secured Youtube, Spotify and SoundCloud success under her vintage designer belt – as well as a Good Vibes Festival performance. The go-getter opened the sold-out festival, making her debut on the Electric Fields stage – where she continued to win hearts with her IDGAF-attitude and cutesy demeanour. We sent her an email before her big show, find out what she had to say below:

How did this all start – have you always wanted to be a rapper? What were your goals before you started rapping compared to what they are now?

“I’ve always gravitated towards a career in music but – long story short; stage fright is a b*tch! So I kinda settled on the idea that I’d only ever be a songwriter. Me becoming a rapper to getting on the GVF’19 lineup was a mix of sheer luck and a lot of blood, sweat and twerk. Funny because 3 months ago I was THIS CLOSE to throwing in the towel. At this point right now, I feel like I’m too far gone to look back. So f*ck it!”

Your first single, ‘Hiao Nene’, was an accidental success, followed by ‘Get Munni’, which was a guaranteed success. Now that you’ve set the bar that high, will it affect the way you release music?

“Haha…unfortunately, “Get Munni” was not my follow up of “hiao”. But it’s gucci. Most people don’t know that my two follow up singles “feel like shit” and “Nasty” cos ngl, they didn’t blow up. Not the way I expected it to at least. Yea it bummed me out. But I think them flopping helped redirect focus into developing my sound and my lyricism. So for the past year and a half, that’s what I’ve been doing. Probably the best decision I’ve made in my career because that led to me getting into the studio with Zamaera and ultimately to the BIRTH of “Get Munni”.”

What empowers you to be yourself as not only a female in the male-dominated rap industry, but also in a conservative country?

“Sexism and superficial flexing aside, it’s a fun genre. Rap requires a personality to carry it off. The genre’s RAPertoire (geddit rap + repertoire) expands constantly – you got your soundcloud rap, emo rap, mumble rap, hot girl rap… That’s something I’d like to see in the local scene. Variety!!! It’s sooo long overdue. In terms of a “male-dominated” industry, I don’t really see it as a problem imma be honest witchu. Cos I benefit from it – there’s novelty in being a female rapper. And it doesnt help that I can get away with being as loud or crude or Fergalicious-definition-make-them-boys-go-Loco, something not a lot of female ARTISTS in Malaysia can get away with. The hoes wanna be represented too!!!!”

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Catch her at The House Of Vans this Saturday, 21 September, 2019 at Sentul Depot. Find the full schedule here.

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