Interview: Midnight Fusic

August 20, 2019

Known for their indie rock sound, which draws influence from The 1975, The Neighborhood and The Smiths; Midnight Fusic took the Red Stage this year at Good Vibes Festival 2019 – opening for R&B crooner, Daniel Caesar. The four-piece alternative rock band has only been around for three years (they were previously a duo), but with everything they’ve achieved – signing to Sony Music, having more than a million plays on Spotify, playing regional music festivals (We The Fest Jakarta and Baybeats Singapore), you’d find it hard to believe that the boys are below the age of 21! 

Here’s what they had to share about their latest feat:
Last year you were playing We The Fest in Jakarta, and this year you played Good Vibes Festival. What do the next 12 months hold for you?
A lot of things have changed and happened to us, even in the span of a year; so we’d say it’s hard to predict because a year ago we would’ve never imagined playing the biggest music festival in Malaysia! We really hope to be playing more shows and at bigger international festivals, and hopefully be able to meet and work with some of our favourite artists.

What did we get from their performance? 
In their words:
A couple of new things in our live production, and a fun and joyful time that allowed everyone to vibe with each other and dance to our music.

But we were curious to find out
As the world goes through a hip-hop phase, how would you describe the current indie music scene in Malaysia?
It’s great to see how many of the artists in the indie scene are unique to themselves in many ways. We definitely believe the local indie scene could use a lot more support from our own people, so that we learn to really value our local artists as much as the international artists everyone enjoys.

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Listen to their latest song, Caramel Cream, below:

Photo credit: All Is Amazing for Good Vibes Festival

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